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Letter from the President

Dear Colleagues and Friends,
It is my pleasure to address you once again as the President of our beloved CAPFAA. First, thank you for all that you do. Amidst the craziness I hope you are making time for family, friends, and activities you enjoy!

We have lived through months of unknowns, delays, technical and other issues that have sparked concerns from every corner of the nation. This crisis has indeed shaken trust in the USDE and we question is it a “Better FAFSA, Better Future”?

Let’s look around! It becomes more and more evident we are living in times of profound change and challenges. In an era characterized by rapid technological advancements, shifting political landscapes, and an ever-evolving student aid framework, the role of our association becomes more critical. We must adapt, innovate, and remain steadfast in our mission and core values.

Today, we celebrate the accomplishment of simply being able to draw in an accurate ISIR and provide an offer of student aid! Let’s also embrace the possibilities that lie ahead. Our association and its members have long been a beacon of hope, a sanctuary where financial aid professionals who are not the norm of the industry, come together to embrace professional excellence, advocate for students, support meaningful community activities that ensure access and affordability.

For years CAPFAA has been a source of support; characterized by resilience, collaboration, and sincere fellowship, for its members. Together, we have accomplished much and through the work of our committees are on an upward trajectory. I urge everyone to please get up and get involved!

I have never been prouder than to stand shoulder to shoulder with financial aid colleagues as I am today. Together, I know we will write a new chapter in the history of the Connecticut Association of Professional Financial Aid Administrators. Talk about writing …. I would like to thank my dear colleague and friend Bill Mangini for agreeing to write a poem marking this time in history. Enjoy Bill’s rendition of S I M P L I F I C A T I O N (?????????)

With love, respect and hope,


Julie B. Savino
CAPFAA President
Executive Director of University Financial Assistance
Sacred Heart University
Julie Savino
CAPFAA President
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S I M P L I F I C A T I O N (?????????)
By: William “Bill” Mangini

What a FAFSA year it’s been! – Screwed up from the start;
October first, the filing date – We knew it all by heart.
But Simplification was a brand-new plan – Designed to smooth things out;
Instead, it caused a lot of pain – It made us scream and shout.
The Department kept pushing off – The date that one may file;
December, January, it finally came – We waited for a while.
Families all across the land – Were waiting patiently;
They finally got the ol’ green light – Thank God! We all agree.
The Department wasn’t well-prepared – They didn’t think this out;
For now they got submissions en masse – Causing all a ton of doubt.
Students, families, office staff – Sat waiting for results;
But time went by, we sat with hope – Like patient aid adults.
Colleges in the United States – Were backed up in their work;
All systems stopped, awards on hold – It made us all berserk.
And now, the Department, faced with this – must process all these apps;
They’re overwhelmed and tried their best - To fill in all the gaps.
And finally, around mid-March – Submissions were sent out;
Students started to get their reports – But what were they about?
Many reports were incomplete – The families notified;
Correct the form and re-submit – But the colleges’ hands were tied.
And even as the ISIRs flowed – Back to the schools in bulk;
Financial Aid folks were in a daze – All they could do was sulk.
“Don’t use ISIR #1 – The data can’t be trusted”
“Wait for ISIR #2 – When the figures were adjusted”
They gave the schools the option – Of using one or two;
So much for fair consistency – What is a school to do?
NASFAA tried to help us out – With guidance every day;
The message sad, the outlook bleak – We’re limping all the way.
But through it all, we will survive – Our offices will stand tall;
Until years from now, during a Program Review – When they nail us to the wall!

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