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Letter from the President

Dear Fellow CAPFAA Member,

It’s hard to believe my term as CAPFAA President is half over. Since June I’ve had the pleasure of welcoming new members to our Association and building friendships with wonderful colleagues. In this message, I’d like to continue to encourage the spirit rising amongst CAPFAA members.

We have been presented with the most challenging years in financial aid history ~ FAFSA Simplification focal to our profession. January 30, 2024, news from USDE heightening challenges and frustration of an entire nation. Did you ever imagine we would be waiting for FAFSA ISIRs in March? I’m still trying to absorb this news and can’t help feeling and hoping March 2024 will be in like a lion, out like a lamb!

The day we received the breaking news, I was at a meeting, presented with a SHU journal imprinted Keep Calm and Pioneer On! It’s front and center for me as a reminder I am a SHU Pioneer and a CAPFAA Pioneer. As Pioneers we push boundaries to advance a cause or idea or break a record. As financial aid professionals we have experienced success in our field and have overcome great challenges. I know as we have conversations and deal with shortcomings -- we will overcome and do our best to shield students and families from the negative outcomes of delays.

As CAPFAA members we can stand together in the days, weeks, and months ahead -- communication and cooperation critical to our success. Our executive officers and committee chairs are ready to provide training, networking, advocacy, and professional development for our members. I am thankful to have this incredible team of volunteers serving as your CAPFAA Executive Council. Please take a moment to thank them for their service but also reach out to them with ideas for other programs for CAPFAA.

Our Mentoring Committee launched CAPFAA Conversations this year. I encourage all CAPFAA members to join this new cohort of participants and mentors under the direction of co-chairs Julie Lawton and Yudelka Nunez-Gonzalez as well as their committee members. Such an appropriate time in our history for this undertaking, thank you!

I am pleased to recognize Steven McDowell, Associate Vice President for Financial Aid Services & Title IV Compliance, Connecticut State Community College as a newly elected NASFAA Representative-at-Large. Congratulations, Steve! You are so deserving and I know you will be a strong voice for our profession at the national level. 2024 Election Results (

I hope to see all of you again at upcoming events. Until then, Keep Calm and Pioneer On!


Julie B. Savino
CAPFAA President
Executive Director of University Financial Assistance
Sacred Heart University
Julie Savino
CAPFAA President
Latest News Updates from the State and Federal Relations Committee

Cost Reduction Act
Soft Launch First Reactions
FAFSA Inflation Adjustments
ISIR Delivery Delayed

If interested in joining the Communications Committee, please contact us today!

Introducing CAPFAA Conversations!

We are excited to introduce you to the CAPFAA Conversations webinar series. The webinars will be held monthly and will provide a place to meet, connect and get to know one another while discussing relevant topics. Now, more than ever, it is important to have a network of colleagues to reach out to and connect with in your professional journey.

Please join us to network with your colleagues – the possibility of organic mentoring relationships, information sharing, and career development are endless!

The Mentoring Committee

Please join us for the next CAPFAA Conversations on February 8th! Click here to register.

Additional upcoming dates & registration links:
Thursday, March 7th at 1:00 PM CAPFAA Conversations
Thursday, April 11th at 1:00 PM CAPFAA Conversations

Here are some highlights from this year's fantastic Winter Conference -

Click here for additional photos from the conference.
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