FAFSA Day Connecticut 2021-2022

CAPFAA is inviting you to complete your 2021-2022 FAFSA application beginning October 1st 2020!


       Volunteers from different institutions (including NY) at the 2018

FAFSA Day Connecticut at Norwalk Community College


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FAFSA Day Connecticut

Formerly known as College Goal Sunday (CGS) is a nationwide volunteer-driven effort to assist high school students and their families in accessing higher education. Professional financial aid personnel along with other volunteers are available to assist high school seniors and their families in completing  and submitting their FAFSA, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid online in a comfortable and local setting. However, this year, all of our events will be hosted virtually.


The FAFSA is required for consideration of most sources of financial aid assistance. There is a wide variety of financial aid programs available to help families from all income levels, including many grants and scholarships.

Algunos de los eventos virtuales ofrecen ayuda en español. Registrate hoy!


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Must have the following ready for your virtual event:

  • Social Security Number
  • Driver’s License Number (if applicable)
  • 2019 Federal Tax Return
  • 2019 W-2 or Year-End Pay Stub
  • 2019 Untaxed Income Records
  • Current Bank Statement(s)
  • Current Business and Investment Records
  • Permanent Residence Card (if not a U.S. Citizen)




Thank you for this program. I was here last year but this year I brought my sister and niece to participate in the program. I didn’t know that I could go to school with financial aid until I followed a friend, who lives in the same apartment, who told me about financial aid and asked me to contact Michael Amazou or Cecilia Nugent. I was amazed how Michael welcomed me to his office and explained how I could get aid for my education. This is my second semester now at Middlesex Community College.

If it was not with that help from College Goal Sunday, I will not be in college now.

My other sisters have the opportunity to join the college process. I am very grateful to this program and for the awareness. I have informed my church members and friends of Ghana Immigrant Association.

Thank you College Goal Sunday. See you next year.

— Collected at Middlesex Community College

I wish to express my gratitude for this program. I’ve been a student of Middlesex Community College two semesters. This being my second, I did not really show much interest in financial aid because I have always thought it was a long process and too bothersome to start. This semester I decided to find out about it and came with a friend.

I met Mr. Michael Amazou. He was very welcoming and he helped me to understand a lot of things. He took me through a step process and now I have a lot of rest and less stress about my tuition.

I would like to thank the organizers and executives of this program. My friends who do not know about this program will definitely be here next year. Thank you College Goal Sunday. See you next year!

— Collected at Middlesex Community College