David Blackmon, President

Director of Student Financial Resources
Yale University
Email: david.blackmon@yale.edu

Ashley Brenner, President-Elect

Assistant Director – Federal and Special Programs
University of Connecticut
Email: ashley.brenner@uconn.edu

Julie Savino, Past-President

Executive Director
Sacred Heart University
Email: SavinoJ@sacredheart.edu

Charlie Baywood, Vice President

Financial Aid Officer
University of Connecticut
Email: charlie.baywood@uconn.edu

Logan Tashea, Treasurer

Campus Supervisor
CT State Community Colleges – Quinebaug Valley
Email: ltashea@qvcc.commnet.edu

Jenny Burrel, Secretary

Director of Financial Aid
Goodwin University
Email: JBurrell@goodwin.edu

Lisa Boyko, EASFAA Representative

Associate Director of Financial Aid – Federal Programs
Connecticut State Community College
Email: lboyko@nv.edu

Jeff Bentley, Associate Member Representative

Vice President Relationship Manager
Email: citizensbank.com/studentlending