19 Mar CAPFAA Executive Council September 2017 Meeting Minutes

Connecticut Association of Professional Financial Aid Administrators ~ 9/2017 Exec Council

Attendance for September 15: Alex Muro, Steve McDowell, Kellie Webb, Bill Mangini, Lisa Boyko, Vanessa Richmond, Jennifer Horner, David Blackmon, Julie Savino

Acceptance of the minutes: Mangini/Boyko. All in favor

Treasurer: Report submitted.

  • Missing 5 event payments, 2 membership dues.
  • Currently 71 registered for the Conference including vendors and excluding mentees.
  • CGS 1617 scholarship recipients have not yet been paid

o   Propose CHESLA send some funds back to account to cover

o   Alex will check w/ MCC to see if they have information on recipients and will talk to Josh

o   Lisa will confirm ½ attendance

Vice President

  • Tax Workshop November 13-14 at University of Hartford

o   Checked several venues-excluded for cost, size, or location

o   UH: $900 Venue, $4K Food, $5K Speaker

o   Projected attendance of 110 resulting in approximately $4K in income

  • Frontliners Projected First week of December

o   Potential agenda next EC

  • Comprehensive Projected for March
  • Potential survey:

o   What see for training? Most likely to attend?

o   2 Audiences: attended past trainings and those that have not

o   Send Mid-October

o   If/Then statements

  • EASFAA Training – C Codes. Working with Ashley Ruszczyk from EASFAA Training

Past President: No report

President Elect: Report Submitted.

  • Currently $10600 raised for scholarships
  • Need to update the scholarship applications to account for re-confirmed regs

o   Consider requesting award letters

  • Need CAPFAA logo. Possibly also post under members only area of website

EASFAA Rep: No report

Associate Member: 17 Vendors for Conference

Annual Business Meeting: No report

Communications: No report.

  • Need a co-chair
  • Have been very responsive to association needs

Conference Committee: Report submitted.

  • 71 Registered – 51 individuals, 17 vendors w/ 20 people
  • 2 Presenters not registered, will follow-up
  • Lunch on Tuesday talk about upcoming events and give a plug for your committee
  • Joe Jovell still confirming can do his session with DOE
  • Can get the Conference hotel rate through 22nd
  • Charity is cash donations only
  • 2 minute video from Chris Murphy will show during Tuesday lunch
  • Those that attended last year and did not register this year were reached out to with mixed results

People’s Checking Discussion

  • Vanessa confirmed there is nothing in the archives about the People’s account. Ok to close.
  • There are fees with People’s. Is there a need for more than 1 checking account?

Motion: To close the People’s checking account and transfer the money to Webster money market account. Muro/Richmond. All in favor.

Grad/Professional: No report

Membership: Report submitted.

  • 32 members
  • Can do renewal of membership w/out paying so sometimes out of sync w/ Treasurer

Mentoring: Report submitted.

  • Magic of Mentoring award will be opened up to the membership for nominations.

State/Federal Relations: Report submitted.

  • State of the State at Conference

Strategic Planning: No report.

  • Plan to have meeting in October

Old Business

  • CGS has 5 confirmed sites with couple more expected on board – ECSU, Hall High School, Norwalk CC, Science/Tech HS New London, Windsor High School
  • Dates from 10/22 – 11/4
  • Volunteers needed

o   Website was under Ivette Rivera Dryer. Now under Ashley Ruszczyk

  • FSA ID Tutorial
  • In Memoriam for Ivette
  • Private Scholarship Page – Glenn Cassis
  • Can share registration on social media
  • Surveys will be online
  • Press releases
  • Governor’s proclamation
  • CHESLA fund discussions
  • CAPFAA CGS Committee possibility
  • CAPFAA inventory information to Jenny Burrell

New Business

  • Dave Welsh has Incorporation documents. Will post to members only section of website
  • Business Inquiry Form with Secretary of State

o   Information on file outdated

o   Should be done annually