15 Feb Introducing Cassandra “Cassie” Perfetto

By Cassie Perfetto, Quinnipiac University

Where do you work and what is your title? Loan Coordinator at Quinnipiac University

How did you end up in financial aid? I worked for two years as a work-study student in financial aid at Quinnipiac. Around the time of graduation in May 2011 the job position became available, so it was an easy transition!

What was your program of study? My undergraduate degree is in Biomedical Science, with concentrations in Chemistry and Microbiology.

Please tell us a little about yourself:

What do you do for fun? Hanging out with friends and family, ride ATVs, cooking/baking

Favorite movie? Singin’ in the Rain was my favorite as a child and still is my favorite now.

Favorite TV show? Favorite band/ type of music? My favorite TV shows are Castle and the Big Bang Theory. I like Country music, and my favorite artist is Jamey Johnson.

Are you a morning or night person? Definitely a night person.

Dog or cat person? Dogs! I have a Havanese and a Rat Terrier/Chihuahua mix at home.

If you won the lottery how would you spend your millions? Besides saving a good chunk and giving money to my friends/family, I would try to put some money into medical/scientific research.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be and why? I would love to travel across the United States and see what the rest of the country has to offer. I’ve been along the East Coast a little, but I’d like to visit the Midwest and West Coast too.

What is your biggest pet peeve? When other drivers don’t use their blinkers-it drives me crazy!

What is your guilty pleasure? Sneaking chocolate chips late at night (or in the middle of the night)

What is one of your most memorable CAPFAA moments? I’ve just joined the world of financial aid in July, so I haven’t been to a CAPFAA event yet. My first event will be training on October 27th (also my birthday!).

What is your favorite part about being a CAPFAA member? I’m still fairly new, but I think I will enjoy going to the various events and learning about different aspects of financial aid. I also look forward to meeting professionals from other universities and colleges.

What is something your colleagues would be surprised to know about you? I can’t swim! I had a bad experience in swim lessons as a kid, and now I’m terrified of deep water.