19 Sep President’s Message August 2012

Dear CAPFAA Members:

It is hard coming to grip with the fact that summer is almost over, and that very soon the air will become more brisk, the leaves on the trees will be changing colors and we will all be immersed in open houses, tailgating, campus visits, and a myriad of other fall activities. As summer comes to an end, I have been encouraged by all the hard work, dedication, and efforts put forth by so many members of CAPFAA’s Executive Council. Not only did we create a new CAPFAA website, the Council also merged the efforts of the CAPFAA Electronic Initiative Committee with that of the News Letter Committee to form what is now known as the CAPFAA Communications Committee. The reason behind the merger, is to create an environment where CAPFAA is able to deliver news, industry updates, and relevant member information in a more timely and flexible manner. However, in order for this venture to succeed we need the help and active participation of all CAPFAA members.

If you are aware of industry news, even things that might amuse, pass the information along to the Communication Committee, do not make an excuse. Do you know of someone who changed jobs, is retiring, has been promoted? Shout it out and let your proud colleagues know it! Perhaps you have a favorite fall recipe, or been to the Big-E? Send photos for everyone to see. Please someone stop me, this thing is really getting catchy. So as we move forward, in your inboxes you will soon find, information from your colleagues please do not opined.


Andrew Foster

CAPFAA, President