10 Aug Retirement on the Horizon for Lou Bristol!

Lou Bristol, Director of Financial Aid at Northwestern CT Community College, recently announced his upcoming retirement. When asked if he would like to convey his plans for the future and any “favorite moments in financial aid administration,” Lou offered…

My date of retirement is Oct. 1st.  I plan to volunteer in various capacities, especially with rescuing canines.  My recreation will encompass enjoying my own German Shepherd Dog who is well trained except for her low tolerance for other dogs who ride in trucks with the windows down.  If allowed, I have no doubt that she would attempt to jump into the truck to investigate the threat.  I left out fly fishing on the Farmington and Housatonic Rivers. 

I am still guffawing at the thought of favorite moments in financial aid administration….there are many!  

But most importantly, I will miss my colleagues who kept me from becoming stark raving mad when pondering the use of words and phrases such as “fed regs”, “auditors”, “compliance” when the real fear is North Korea.  God Bless Everyone!